Monday, February 3, 2014

Christmas Dresses, just a little late

Just a little late in posting the girls Christmas dresses that I made for them. 
In all honesty I wanted to share them earlier, but it took 3 different attempts to get a descent photo of them. One professional shoot that didn't turn out so well, one of us was sick, one of us looked very fat, one of us looked like we had some bad botox (in his defense he has never had botox, but I have no idea what his facial expressions were all about!), and two of us never looked in the same direction at the same time (actually all 5 of us)! One little attempt on our way out the door to church while they were both crying! And finally one attempt after Christmas was over before we took down the tree, the next day both girls were diagnosed with the flu.

Of course Lillie the 2 1/2 year old, decided that she did not like the dress and was not going to wear it because she did not need it. I would have been broken hearted it she wasn't so funny about it! She would say, no I don't want to wear it, I don't like it I don't need it you need it! Ok? Finally she decided it was ok after about 2 weeks of talking about not wanting or needing it. I told this story to someone and she asked what are you going to do about a Christmas dress now? Well, shes' only 2 she will wear it, she may not be happy, but she will wear it ;) 

Back to the dresses, I fell in love with the Olivia pattern by Craftiness is Not Optional. It includes sizes 6months to size 8, which made it perfect for me with 2 little girls running around! I couldn't wait to get it! I found the fabric at Joanns, nutcrackers are my oldest daughters favorite! I give her a nutcracker every year for Christmas and she's had me start that with the two little ones. I also smocked a detachable collar to go with the dresses. I made up my own pattern for that and used one solid color of thread so that they can be used with other dresses. 

This little dress was so easy to make! I can't wait to buy more of CINO's patterns, they are so easy to follow and very precise! I have fabric stacked up ready to be cut out and made into more little tops and dresses for the girls. 

As for the pictures, they are blurry, the girls are not sitting still, but on occasion I got a good smile from one of them at a time :) And that's ok, that's our life these days(and I wouldn't change that for anything in this world!) and one day a few years from now I may be able to bribe them enough to get a picture that we are all sitting still, looking at the camera and have smiles on our faces!  

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