Monday, December 30, 2013

Pewter Christmas Treasure

I have an obsession with measuring cups and spoons. I love them, every single one I see. I use them all. The more unusual the better. Brightly colored, ceramic, plastic,and some of my favorites are pewter. 
I've always wanted a pewter set like Paula Deens. I visited Savannah a few years ago and we had dinner at The Lady and Son's Restaurant. I drooled over the sets of measuring cups/spoons in the gift shop and left empty handed because I just couldn't pay that much for them. 

This fall my mom went yard saling with a friend and found a cute set of measuring cups and spoons that were very much like the pewter ones that I have been drooling over for $10! I was perfectly fine with them being a Christmas present! 

Especially after I saw this! Tin Woodsman Pewter Co. was stamped on the bottom. I looked it up and it is now Crosby and Taylor, the makers of the exact set that I've been wanting forever! This set sells for $265!

They are in perfect shape. I can't imagine why anyone would ever get rid of them period, much less in a yard sale where they basically gave them away! 

Now I'm drooling over a few more pieces to go with them! Like a spoon rest and these adorable little salt pots and spoons! Pretty much anything from their site would be wonderful! 

I have to say that my family knows how much that I've wanted a set of pewter measuring spoons because I also received a set from my mother in law! 

Please excuse all of the Christmas mess! 
I've already been using them, actually I've found something every single day since Christmas to make just so that I can use them!  

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