Monday, December 16, 2013


If you've read my Welcome to Branderwood House post, you know that we've only lived in our house just over a year.
 My husband and I are both from Virginia but his job transferred us to Atlanta for a few years and now back to Virginia. We were both ecstatic to be coming back closer to family especially after having a toddler and another little girl on the way! But what in the world was I thinking trying to move during all of that!
 I've been very successful with other moves in having my house completely the way I wanted it, pictures hung etc within a few weeks. That's just not been the case with this move. 
It honestly took me 4 months to hang the first picture! I hate blinds on the windows, but thankfully we had them because curtains were not made and hung for about 8-9 months. 
We had movers thankfully. But we had our floors refinished before moving in and they were not done in time for the movers, so that left boxes every where but where they were supposed to be! And the craft room boxes that I packed myself so that I could unpack myself were unpacked by the movers and laid in piles all over my basement. I cried for weeks maybe months over that one. Thanks to one of my best friends ever and one of the only people that I would ever let see that kind of mess, just a few weeks ago we got my room organized and sewing ready just in time for Christmas! No more sewing at the dining room table!!!!! 
On top of having a not so very helpful little helper with all of the unpacking, I was so incredibly pregnant, sick and everything else that comes with normal pregnancies. Then that little stinker was breech and was not going to turn, so baby number 4 was my first c-section. Man was that hard to handle! 

Now I'm on a mission to organize, decorate, sew, and craft my house into what I want it to be all while being wife, momma, baby chaser, cloth diaper changer and launderer, house keeper and chef! 

So let's get started!

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